Accessories spring-summer 2022

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

To decorate, diversify and complement your image, we need fashion accessories. We can recognize some of them by style, but fashion changes and dictates its relevance for each season. Today we will look at accessories for the warm spring-summer 2022 season.

Big earrings

The length of such earrings should touch the collarbones. They will draw attention to the portrait area and emphasize all its advantages. If there are a lot of accents in the image, then one large decoration will be enough.

Girls with small facial features should avoid such accessories, but they can search for something aesthetic and more graceful at


It can be worn by both men and women. Visually, a tie makes the silhouette slimmer. Remember to choose the right color and size for your tie.

Children’s decorations

They will add to the image of childish spontaneity and playfulness. We would like to remind you that for outfits made of sequins or shiny fabrics, accessories around the neck are not required, this will overload the image.

Gladiator sandals

They are comfortable and practical. In such shoes you will feel comfortable and confident. They emphasize beautiful and long legs. Those who have full legs should not lace up sandals high.

Triple bag

This unusual accessory that will always attract attention and reflect your personality. If your outfit is accent, give preference to more laconic combinations of shoes and a bag.

Big bags

We will not argue that small handbags are impractical. But even large models cannot be filled to the top, because such a burden will even be difficult to lift. In other words, large bags can be filled only according to their physical strength. Therefore, the practicality of these accessories remains in question.

It is better to leave large bags almost empty or half empty. Although such an accessory will not fully fulfill its functions, it will not make it difficult for you to carry it, but it will be your fashionable and stylish addition.

Do not forget about the law of proportionality, too much does not suit petite girls.

Shoulder bracelets

They emphasize beautiful toned arms. The larger the upper part of the hand, the wider and more massive the bracelet should be.

Hairpins covered with massive sparkling rhinestones

They emphasize well-groomed, shiny hair, and also add romance to the image.

Two or more large jewelry will make a laconic look brighter and more fashionable, but they should not argue with each other in style (for example: a plastic bracelet + a diamond necklace). And they should also be combined with the set (for example: a large number of large jewelry will not work for the normcore style).

How big and diverse is the world of accessories! You can talk about them every minute! At all times, women have decorated themselves in the spirit of their time, and we are no exception. Follow the stylist’s advice: place accents, emphasize the advantages, forget about the shortcomings and remember – you are beautiful!