How to choose cosmetics?

How to choose cosmetics?
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

It is very important for girls to look beautiful and well-groomed and various makeup products help them with this.  Decorative cosmetics are those with whose help make-up is created.  This includes various shadows, lipsticks, powders, foundations, mascaras and more.  And before buying, it is very important to choose the right cosmetics for your skin type and your characteristics.  This is necessary in order not to harm the skin and hide all your imperfections.  There are these types of skin:

  1. Normal skin. Normal skin is characterized by an even complexion, firmness, small pores and a light, healthy glow.  It is very easy to find cosmetics for this type of skin.  The main task is to keep the skin in its natural state and additionally nourish it with various face masks.
  2. Dry skin. Dry skin looks thin and delicate, and slightly pale.  With this type of skin, it is very important to carefully choose cosmetics, preferably with a natural composition, since this skin is very delicate and can become inflamed if not properly selected care.
  3. Sensitive skin. This is skin with increased sensitivity and tendency to external irritants, as a result of which itching and redness may occur.  It is important to choose cosmetics with a gentle composition so as not to cause a negative skin reaction.
  4. Oily skin. This is skin that is less prone to wrinkles than other types.  But, on this skin pores are often clogged and various inflammations appear.  You need to choose cosmetics that will tone and refresh your skin.
  5. Combination skin. One of the very common skin types, where a certain area of ​​the skin is oily.  It is important to choose versatile anti-inflammatory products.

You need to consider the type of skin when buying decorative cosmetics.  It is also important to choose only proven brands so as not to harm your skin, but, on the contrary, to make it even better.