Where can you find a unique design and download it?

unique design
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Now svg-bundles are gaining popularity very actively.  In simple words, these are vector drawings that allow you to download a ready-made design, or rather a picture for your own purposes or use in business.

Why SVG format?

SVG is lightweight compared to other formats.  This format has incredible possibilities.  Flags, symbols, interface elements.  And this is just a small list of how you can use it.  The biggest plus of its use is that it is a vector format, that is, it can be used on any display – whatever their resolution, it will be displayed the same everywhere.

SVG files are fairly easy to manage, as their files are saved as a static image.  You can add interactivity to your site by making very simple but beautiful animations with SVG.

The future of SVG is just beginning.  As an accepted image format (and standard) for mobile, SVG will only continue to gain traction.

Are you already using SVG for your projects?  If not, why not start?