Attachment. What a word. When it comes to choosing accessories, I believe you must be attracted by something reminding you your attachment to some person, some places or some moments. Especially for the wealth, either visual aesthetic or luxury sense is just little part of the whole design of accessories. After all, they can afford everything deemed to be beautiful or sumptuous. What they really care is whether an extra could possibly unveil unspeakable attachment that deeply roots in their heart. And here is my latest finding – Louis Vuitton Eye Candy Collection.
Reinterpreting Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram flowers in rainbow palette, the latest accessories of Louis Vuitton 2011 express your attachment to colorful life. This collection comes in two extras- Eye Candy Set of Three Rings and Eye Candy Fleur Ronde Bracelet. Both with vivid pop of color that makes you young and refreshing in hot summer, and of course, win turn heads in high street thanks to their bling-bling strass. It is highly recommended that you get both of this louis vuitton collection 2011. And each extra tends to be your attachment motive as well even when you look separately.
The set of two Eye Candy elegant mismatched rings can be worn separately or together, both are meticulously applied by hand. Personally, I prefer to wear them together to add a chic twist. And the stunning louis vuitton bracelet highlights the round-shaped flower set with a sparkling lilac stone. Just imagine how fabulous you are when wearing the cute yet chic Louis Vuitton Eye Candy Collection!


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