Anybody, who is anybody has heard of and possibly carries Gucci. In the 1920′s, Guccio Gucci took a risk and opened a very small business offering leathered products. This business was first presented in Florence, Italy. Guccio had lived in London while working at the London Savoy Hotel. He served countless royal Englishman who had a flare for refined leather accessories. Feeling as if his very own country could use some of this refinement, he returned home to embark on a voyage of a whole life.
Inside a significantly short period of time, the name of Gucci had created a foundation of complicated collector’s world wide. The horse-bit and stirrup motifs had become the fashion symbol suitable for the period of time in which Gucci was born. In the 1940′s, in the fascist dictatorship in Italy, common materials used to provide Gucci products became scarce. Gucci designers had to be creative and use the resources that were available to them at the time. The Bamboo Bag is still made today, and held by those who have a VIP status.
In 1953, just as the Gucci empire was established in Milan and Big Apple, Gucio died leaving his fortune to his boys. The Gucci eagerness did not die with their dad ; the four valiant boys of Guccio picked up the pieces of their father’s dream and spread like wild fire into the hearts of the rich and famous. Icons like Jackie Kennedy became an enthusiastic lover of the unique quality and design that the Gucci workmen impressed. In the 1960′s inspiration for the interlocking G’s symbol that we see on Gucci bags today was established.
In the 1990′s Princess Diana was added to the celebrity list of Gucci collectors. By 1998, Gucci received the standing of european Company of the Year. Today, Gucci continues to improve and reconstruct timeless pieces which have been seriously desired during the past. With their remarkable world feats, Gucci is still referred to as the most desirable luxury brand in the world.
Gucci products are available in a made-to-order fashion. Gucci footwear is famous for its comfort and design. A collector can visit any Gucci retail location and receive personalised service. A talented worker will measure the foot and obtain information from the customer in order to make a hand-crafted shoe which will mold to their foot, permitting the most comfort possible . The leather, color, and design can all be selected by the Gucci coinsure. This service permits the power to truly have an one of a kind product that nobody else on earth has.
Gucci continues to become more respectable with every passing year. Not only due to their commitment to remarkable quality, but seriously because of their generous mindset to charity. In 2005, Gucci partnered with UNICEF to attempt to positively impact the world in total.